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Saturday, August 12, 2006

Back to School

The kids will be in school soon. Hallelujah. We just got all the school supplies from the Official School Supply List, (a plastic orange compass. Does it really have to be orange?) and I'm slightly peeved. Our state lottery was supposed to be all about education. If we can give 204 million dollars to somebody in Wisconsin who bought a dollar ticket, why can't we earn enough to help with school supplies? But that's another rant. Funny how around April I long for summer, so I won't be as busy with band concerts and choir concerts and science projects and the day-to-day clock ticking...

Okay, it's 3:15. The kids will be home at 4:00. Do I have time to make it to the bank and the store before they get home? Maybe just the store. I have to get (insert essential ingredient I forgot when at the store earlier that morning) for dinner. But I need to get the paycheck deposited so I can pay bills later...(At that moment, the dog whines like a needy buzzsaw and gives me that mommy-I-need-to-go-NOW look.) Okay, it's 3:30. If I leave right now, I can get to the store and back. If the check out lane isn't that long and...(Phone call from anyone. Literally. 3:30 is the favored, hallowed time for my phone to ring. And not someone I can just let the voicemail get. For certain people, I have a built-in guilt chip that makes me answer, and sure enough, one of those people will call.) Okay, it's 3:45. If I hurry, I can- oh, the heck with it. We'll just get a pizza. I'll get Gary to put the check in the night deposit later and hope for the best. (Of course, I will have forgotten that the kids have a special band practice after school and won't be home until 4:30.)

I always think summer will be a reprieve, and for awhile it is. But now my teeth are worn down to the nubs because of grating them after hearing MOM I'M BORED for the 197th time. In the last hour. Now I'm looking forward to that ticking clock because it means, on my days off at least, that I will have good solid chunks of uninterrupted computer time. Time that I can use to write. Time that I can use to edit and revise. Time that I can tell myself I should be writing and editing and revising instead of blog-surfing. And there will be projects and practices and chores and homework and dinner and dishes, but that's later. For a few hours at a time, I can lose myself in worlds where the men are commanding and confident, the women independent and impulsive, and secret doors open to spy heavens. Oh, yes. Back to school for them, and back to work for me.


Blogger MissWrite said...

My kids are grown now, but I remember those days well. My favorite reminder of that time is a line from 'The Cosby Show' where Cliff turns to Clair and proclaims "We get the house back!"

Like you said so well, while the summer may provide blessed respite from crushing time issues ... school season provides blessed peace--for at least a few hours.

3:11 PM  
Blogger Bernita said...

Ya know, it takes a looong time to learn not to lunge for the phone, after the kids have gone.

6:49 AM  
Blogger Missie said...

I am looking forward to Z going back to school, just so I won't hear the "I am soooo bored!" fifty seven times a day. I will miss the little fart though, because he does help with his sister. She is going to miss him like crazy and probably attack him when he gets home.

Am getting a new phone in the next couple days. Will be home on Tuesday night if you are available.

7:38 AM  
Anonymous Jenny said...

Time to write and edit. I'm so looking forward to that...

"Mom, I'm bored" NOT looking forward to that.

10:25 AM  

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