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Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Shout Out to Mah Homegirl, Yo!

About three years ago, on a hot Father's Day afternoon in my inlaws' backyard, I met someone.

It was at a surprise birthday party we were having for my husband and the guests included inlaws, grandparents, and some friends my husband has had for about 20 years. One of these friends who went to church with my husband growing up (and actually dated his sister for awhile in their teens) brought along his wife, whom my hub and I had never met before. She and I ended up sitting across the picnic table from each other and we began to talk. During our conversation, we found out that we had much in common. Both of us homeschooled our kids. Both of us had sons named Zachary. And both of us had an irreverant sense of humor and brains that didn't always engage before our mouths started moving. We laughed. We joked. We ranted. We became friends.

Fast forward two years. My friend and I are sitting in a Mexican restaurant, eating fajitas and solving the problems of the world, when I casually mention that I am late. As in laaaaayyyyytttte. My friend looks up and gives a wicked grin. "Is there something you wanna tell me?" she says. "Well," I reply, "if nothing happens in the next couple days, either I have some weird thing going on, or I am pregnant." Again with the wicked grin. "You sooo are!" She was the first person I had said those words out loud to.

Fast forward a week later. "Have you?" she says. "What?" me pleading ignorance (which ain't hard to do). "Have you taken a test yet?" she demands. Me, not wanting to lie, because I had, and I was, and ohmygoodness, what am I gonna do and why did I do this and holycow, who thought this was a great idea?! "Umm, everything's okay." She, obviously wanting to ask more and thinking I am holding back, "Okay then. Just checking."

Fast forward another week later. "You are, aren't you?" "What?!" "You are so pregnant!" "Ummm...yeah. Just don't tell anyone yet. We want to get through my first doctor's appointment before we tell everybody." Laughter, crying, shaking on my end. "Wooo-hooooo! You can't fool me!! IknewitIknewitIknewit!" "What in the world have I done?" Then she says something just so right..."You've done what you've always wanted. You're going to have another baby."

This friend, this great, sweet, funny, irreverant, ranting, raving, lunatic, smart, smart-alecky, God-fearing, goodmomming, funloving, pretty, smiley, goofy friend of mine, is having a birthday today. Her 32nd. She and I will get together sometime in the next week and do what we always do, eat, drink, and discuss how various and sundry persons annoy us. And when we do, I will be remembering that summer she came into my life, giving me a pretty dang wonderful present. Her friendship.

Happy Birthday, Jess. I love ya. Have some cake.


Blogger Jessica said...

Holy cow!!! I laughed, I cried, you moved me, Miss! As in heartfelt, good move, not potty move. THANKS a bajillion!

1:37 PM  
Blogger Missie said...

So nice to know our friendship does NOT have the power to move your bowels.

2:09 PM  
Blogger Robyn said...

Don't know if I want to wade into this discussion...okay, that sounded wrong...happy birthday anyway, Jess!

8:17 PM  
Blogger Jessica said...

Thanks, Robyn. This is where I usually like to interject something witty, but it seems everything I can think of will potentially be construed as a bodily function, we'll just leave it at "Thanks, Robyn."

8:16 AM  
Blogger OzzatLarge said...

I just wanna say, that I am married to that wonderfull woman. And though I know that she sees hereself far from perfect, if she could see what I see in her, it would bring her to her knees in awe. As each day passes I appreciate and love her more and more. I am glad that she has a good friend that tells her how great she is, so it doesn't just come from me. Cheers to the girl who has captured my spirit and heart. I love you Jess, and here lies proof that you are a great one.

Yours Forever


Ozz at Large

3:04 PM  
Blogger Missie said...

WAAAAAH! Ozz made me cry!

7:07 PM  
Blogger OzzatLarge said...

You know, it would be good if I could get that kind of response from my wife. I think as I grow older, my sentiment is slipping away from manhood to sap. I was just telling Jess, how I had to rewind part of "Cinderella Story" with Hilary Duff because I found parts of it endearing and sweet. She is threatening to tell Abby. No more Macho Daddy. I'm gonna be a sap. Oh, well as long as I am a sap that can look like the "Rock", I'm good with it.

Ozz at Large

1:03 PM  

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