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Sunday, August 13, 2006

My Favorite Romance Ever

I don't know that I could give a number to how many romances I've read. Since I started reading them as a young teen, I think I can safely say I've read thousands. But the romance that stands out in my mind is the first one I ever read, a book based on a movie that I read with relish over and over at a tender age.

It's set in America around 1910 or so. The heroine is a sheltered, somewhat spoiled rich girl who is the queen of her household until a new baby displaces her in the family's affections. Though she grows to love the innocent child, Mama and Papa leave on a trip. A nasty aunt comes to stay with her two demonic wards, and make life unbearable for our girl. Circumstances force her out of the house.

She's found in a dangerous situation, and rescued by our hero- a lovable bad boy charmer from the wrong side of the tracks. He's got an eye for the ladies, and is always one step ahead of the law. He takes pity on our girl and shows her life from his perspective. She's never known anything outside her own small social circle, and she enjoys seeing the variety of life. They share a whirlwind romance in one night, falling for each other and sleeping under the stars. The next morning, he wants her to join him- to see the world, footloose and fancy free. She would like nothing better, but she's decided she must go home. She must do all she can to watch over the baby. Deeply disappointed but understanding, he takes her home.

Her night away with no chaperone has consequences, and two old family friends offer for her. She turns them down, of course. In disgrace, the nasty aunt has locked her in a small dank room. From the vantage point there she sees an intruder enter the house, via the open window in the baby's room. She calls out for help, trying to escape her cell. Our hero comes in, naturally, and saves the day. The aunt, though, thinks he is the intruder and calls for the law. Our girl has managed to break free, and the aunt sees their obvious relationship. Not wanting to make trouble for her, our hero goes along quietly.

Mama and Papa arrive home, and our girl explains the situation. They rush to free our hero, who realizes he truly is caught. By her. And they lived, you guessed it, Happily Ever After. If you haven't guessed the title of this story by now, here's a clue:

An innocent children's film? I think not! Romance, you hear me? RO-MANCE. I know it when I see it.


Blogger December Quinn said...

Ha! I was thinking, "Dude, whoever wrote that book stole the plot of Lady and the Tramp."

It's my favorite, too. The Tramp ruined me for men for years and years. Very, very romantic.

3:29 AM  
Blogger Bernita said...

~wipes away a tear~

6:16 AM  
Anonymous Jenny said...

Ha! Okay...I know this movie back and forth (I can even sing the songs) and I had no idea you were talking about it until I saw the picture.

Very nice indeed.

3:11 AM  

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