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Thursday, May 25, 2006


Just title the last two weeks What. Was. I. Smoking.

I quit one job, and worked out my notice while simultaneously starting my new job, while still doing all my mom stuff with the end of school parties and talent shows and award ceremonies and trying to run down my landlord for the key to the pool because MOM!! WE HAVE TO SWIM THE VERY DAY THE POOL OPENS OR THE WORLD WILL COME TO AN END!! And our friends have to spend the night that night, too, so pick up some pizza while you're out, will ya?

Don't all these people realize that I have way more important things to do, like searching the internet for bad romance covers and doing brilliantly snarky reviews of best selling novels and writing run-on sentences about protuberances? I ask you!

Anyway, I'm back. I'm terribly sorry I ignored you. I took you for granted, and...why am I talking to you like you're my neglected football season wife?

Because I miss you, that's why!! My experience with the internet has been a pretty fantastic one, I'll admit. It amazes me what a small community it actually is; even on the world wide web we tend to seek out our own. The most extreme case would be the relationship between my blog partner Missie and me.

We were both regular visitors to the eHarlequin website. I started writing some fiction on the Harlequin Love Inspired board, and Missie read my story and left some comments. We both added our comments in the general community boards there, and found that our senses of humor were similar. We started e-mailing each other, which led to phone calls, and eventually to this blog.

We joke that we share two halves of the same brain, and so do our husbands. We can literally finish each other's sentences, and Missie is one of the best friends I've ever had. She has been an enormous support to me, as well as a sounding board, critique partner, and a lot of fun. All this despite the fact that we've never actually met. She lives in Idaho, and I live in Oklahoma. We keep trying to meet; if anyone wants to contribute to the Best Friend Weekend Fund we will gladly accept your donations!

Ah, well. I truly did miss surfing all your blogs, and I'll be getting caught up this weekend. We'll continue cover snark next week! See ya.


Blogger Jessica said...

I agree with all the cool things you said about Missie...lucky for me I do actually get to see her once in awhile since I live only a few miles away, and on many a visit, she has commented how you two "share two halves of the same brain."

You two also write a lot alike and just FYI, everyone, Missie talks EXACTLY like she just put a smart-alecky little voice behind those words on the screen and VOILA! You have Missie!

10:54 AM  
Blogger Missie said...

Adore me! Worship me! Send me money and chocolate and cute shoes! Just kidding.

Thanks for the nice comments, ladies. They're just what I needed after my loooong business trip, of which I will share the mind-numbing details at a later date, after I recover from the VAST AMOUNT OF WORK THAT ACCUMULATED DURING MY ABSENCE!!!!

And hopefully, someday Robyn can make the trip to Idaho so that she can see my gloriousness in person and meet Jessica and Ozzatlarge, too. Which would just be gravy. ;)

And I so totally don't talk like I write because I write so professionally and I speak even better and would never dream of running off at the mouth or at the keys, like in a keyboard-get it?, and I so totally rocked English in both high school and college and really hate it when people speak or type badly and blather on and on about nothing so I would like never in a million years do that. Just sayin.

11:59 AM  
Blogger quirkychild said...

Ah Missie, I wish I could write comments as well as you!

But, to the content; I forgive you! While I did miss my fresh dose of snark, I know exactly how that is...I only just posted after a long absence!

And Whoa! You've never met? Really? Never? I'd have never guessed. You seem like you must have gone to high-school together and all that!

Well, welcome back!

8:25 PM  
Anonymous Michelle said...

Wow! But I'll admit, some of my closest friends are my imaginary Internet friends. LOL. Actually, I've known some of them for over 10 years and we've roomed together at RWA Nationals.

And I love your blog. Especially the bad cover analyses!! :)

3:41 AM  
Blogger Bernita said...

You didn't miss us half as much as we missed you both.
I love this blog.

4:30 AM  

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