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Sunday, August 19, 2007

Cowtown RULES!

Y'all, I just spent the greatest week with my family. In Fort Worth, Texas.

Yes, you read that right. Fort Worth.

Now, I used to live near Dallas. And I had relatives who would genuflect before the Texas flag every morning and thank their Creator for the awesome privilege of living in Dallas. Because in Dallas, you could still be classy and sophisticated and urban AND be Cowboys football fans.

But Fort Worth? Cowtown. Not classy. Not sophisticated. Moooo.

I have to spread the news far and wide- I LOVED that city. Fort Worth has the cleanest downtown area I've ever seen. No trash. The two winos I saw stayed to the shadows. One beggar. Who didn't beg from me.

There were polite, smiling, flat-bellied policemen on bikes who courteously directed you toward the nearest pizza place. There were blue vested workers who swept the streets free of pamphlets and beer bottles, who actually scrubbed gum off the sidewalk. I expected to be awakened each morning by gentle yet insistent birds who then made my bed, and to have competent but badly dressed mice bring me my coffee and newspaper.

I could totally see myself walking down the shining streets, peering into the quaint Western wear shops, carrying my brown paper grocery bag containing a baguette and a limp green leafy thing, trading Gilmore Girls quips with a friend, and then running into a man who has always infuriated me even though he's disturbingly, mutantly cute, only to come to the horrifying realization that deep down, I really like him. Yeah, it's that kind of town.

What did you do on your vacation?


Blogger December/Stacia said...

We've been thinking of moving to Dallas...I was there once, about (eep) sixteen years ago and loved it, for a lot of the reasons you listed--everyone was so friendly, it was clean and pretty...


3:22 AM  
Blogger Bernita said...

Not sure I've ever had one.
Glad you were serendipped though.

6:06 AM  
Blogger StarvingWriteNow said...

Sounds like a romance-novel kind of town. And hey, flat-bellied policemen on bikes who are probably showing off their killer legs are a definite PLUS.

7:49 AM  
Anonymous min said...

Cowtown is nice. I never did feel comfortable in Dallas either, it's so much more urban although it is the greatest place in the world to buy shoes!!

11:28 PM  
Blogger Missie said...


Glad you had a good time while I was here, slaving away on the blog. No really. I am. Truly happy for you. Seriously.

5:39 AM  

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