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Thursday, September 29, 2005

It's Not All Bad

Hey everyone. Go over to Writeminded and read our friend Sharon Long's blog. She just went through an evacution from her home in Texas, because of Hurricane Rita. Her house is mostly okay, and she and her hubby and kids have family and friends in Shreveport. But what struck me about her blog was her determination to be positive. In all the madness, I was so glad to hear a good report. Go check it out, and say a few prayers while you're at it. She writes:

I’ve learned a lot of things since this hurricane. I watched Hurricane Katrina, and all the media wanted to show us was the bad. The very small percentage of people who responded negatively in a crisis. And now that I’ve been affected by Hurricane Rita, I have encountered nothing but extreme
generosity in everyone I’ve met. People I’ve never met, will never see again, went out of their way to help in any small way they could.


Blogger Missie said...

It really puts things in perspective when you read something like that. My day doesn't seem near as crappy when I realize I could've been like some of our friends in the South, who've lost homes, businesses, and especially loved ones. It's a good reminder to be thankful for what we have every day.

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