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Snarkling Clean- because you don't have to cuss to make fun of stuff. Two dedicated readers discuss romance novels- from what made us weep with joy to what made us want to poke pencils through our eyeballs.

Saturday, October 29, 2005

She's Alive, She's Alive!

Good news, citizens of Snarkdom. Queen Robyn called today to inform me she was not kidnapped by some bizarre cult as I had feared. She has been dealing with the trials of moving and getting utilities forwarded, plus a spewing toilet and possessed closet doors, which she will explain to you later. Poor thing. When she told me of her tribulations of the past two weeks, it amazed me that we had not heard a report on Fox News of a crazed woman running around the streets of her city chasing down her landlord with a crescent wrench. Her internet should be connected by the first of November, so she will be back with us soon, snarking her little heart out.

In the meantime, have a happy and safe Sugar Rush Day and remember, any candy eaten while reading this blog is rendered calorie and fat free.


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