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Wednesday, October 19, 2005

'Tude of Gratitude

If your town is anything like mine, the stores already have some holiday decorations up, even though we haven’t reached Halloween yet. I love the holiday season. There is nothing better than cooking up vast amounts of food and sharing it with family and friends. Unless it’s being on a white sandy beach somewhere, basking in the sun and being served drinks with umbrellas in them by a hottie named Fernando. Sorry, took a little field trip in my mind there for a second.

Anyway, seeing all the ceramic turkeys and little smiling Pilgrims started me thinking about what I am thankful for. Here’s a listing of some of the things that help make my life complete, in no particular order:

1. The slobber on my neck from my baby girl drooling on me while she sleeps.
2. The crayons, Legos and action figures spread across the house courtesy of my son.
3. Bath and Body Works.
4. One word—Frappucino!
5. The garage filled with hunting and fishing and camping paraphernalia and the sounds of my husband rifling around out there.
6. Maggie Moo’s Chocolate Better Batter Ice Cream with brownie mix-in….Sin on a spoon.
7. A blog where I can go to vent, rant, or snark with one of my best friends. It keeps us off the streets.
8. A good book on a cloudy afternoon.
9. Knowing I am only a phone call away from my mommy's lovin', Robyn's laughter, or hilarious stories about my neices and nephews.
10. Inlaws who love me.
11. Still having both my parents around, especially since they each went through a battle with the Big C in the last two years. Take that, Cancah!
12. A God who, even though I am one of the biggest morons on the planet, loved me enough to send His boy to suffer in my place.

Oh, and I am really thankful that I am not the one having Tom Cruise’s baby. Oh. So. Thankful.

Share with us some of the things that make your world go around.


Blogger Bernita said...

So many.
That my husband, in spite of diabetes, asthma and a quadrouple by-pass, alive, home and improving.
That my son came home safely from Afghanistan.
That a daughter didn't have to deploy - this time.
That a daughter was able to move her family out of an area that had suddenly become increasingly crime -ridden.
That my daughters married wonderful guys.
So many.

10:38 AM  
Anonymous Michelle said...

Having a son who chatters non-stop and tells me he loves me.
Having a daughter to give me baby kisses and remind me of unconditional love.
Having a husband who supports my writing.
Having cool friends who make me laugh at bad romance covers.

3:10 PM  
Anonymous Bonnie said...

You are WRONG.

Sin on a spoon is Coldstone Creamery's "Oreo Espress." This malfeasance consists of Espresso Ice Cream (oh, lordy) with Oreo cookies, dark chocolate shavings and fudge... mea culpa, mea culpa, mea muy culpa!

I swear, one scoop of that stuff and my behind grew a whole size larger.

4:05 PM  
Blogger Missie said...

Glad to hear your kids are safe. Moms worry no matter how old they are, huh? And here's a wish for many more happy years with your hub.

I loved it when my son was your childrens' ages. Life is so simple and they have such a capacity for love. Can't wait until Princess Nursalot can tell me she loves me instead of just trying to suck on my face. And I am thankful for your blog, it always gives me a good laugh.

You are evil and must be stopped! I didn't need to know about that dessert--I gained weight just reading your post. I loooooove coffee flavored ice cream. Maggie Moo's has something called Espresso Express or something like that where they take cappuccino ice cream, fudge, and almonds and mix them together to form the ultimate "increase your butt size" experience.

8:17 AM  
Blogger Jolene*Marie said...

::grins: Well Missie, with a name like Maggie Moo's you should know better than to sample anything their feedin you! Because obviously they'll make you look like..never mind. hehe.

Let's see..I'm thankful for parents who love me and have raised me in church showing me how to love the Lord.

So glad for three younger sisters who are growing up, mostly because they don't just pull the "Guess what Jolene did!" act anymore..well not usually.

Glad that I'll be done with highschool this year! wooot!

Thankful for freedom to worship, freedom to do all of the things we can in this country. Also for a God who founded freedom, and love. For his Son who gave us salvation and paved the way to eternal life.

For family & great friends. For you lovely ladies who talk about such silly things as toilet golf and waterfall enemas and butt-growing ice cream.

There is a lot more, but thats about all I can type for now. :)

Love, Jo!

2:40 PM  
Blogger Camy Tang said...

Mmmmm that brownie ice cream thingy sounds good. Dagnabit, why do the best stuff stick to your thighs?


1:40 AM  

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